Would you like to have an ecological house?

We design and build it from beginning to end.

Hello! I'm David Ripoll

Builder specialized in Bioclimatic Architecture and Bioconstruction.

15 years ago I decided to get down to work and create the company Bioconstrucciones Ripoll.

Our philosophy

My motivation has always been to promote in society another way of building, more sustainable, natural and efficient.

It is a priority for all of us who want to cause the least possible impact on the earth and live with the greatest well-being.

Full attention 

I am very well accompanied by an excellent team of professionals, to provide you with the most complete service and attention throughout the process.

Full and frontal portrait with olive tree and marquee in the background

We work all over peninsula

We are located in Yecla and we move throughout Spain to make your project a reality: enjoy a healthy home in harmony with nature.

Local shop situated at: C / Cura Ibañez nº13, Yecla Murcia Spain.

Services we offer you

Houses of bales of straw and other natural materials

Pergolas and handmade barbecues for your terrace or garden

Who I am?

I tell you how I got here

I am passionate about my work because it is my vocation since childhood.

With only 5 years the only game I was able to sit with for only a long time was one of constructions.

I remember that I had pieces in the form of bricks to make and break houses, build castles, towers and buildings.

It is a world that me fascinates from a very young age. 

When I was younger, I liked it a lot lift models. Even as I have knowledge in welding I built a 27m long metal walkway to rid the riverbed.

Crowd of pieces scattered on a parquet floor
Actually, now that I think about it:

“Everything I have done throughout my life has been constructive”

One day, by chance, while living in Cantabria, a friend came home and told us that a course of Permaculture soon and there were few places left, so we signed up.

There I met Bioconstruction for the first time and I loved the world of possibilities it offered for health and the environment.

I decided to investigate and continue expanding my training until I specialized.

At the end of the course, it coincides that my parents planned to build a house on a land in Yecla and convinced them to it were of straw bale.

I asked several friends to help build the house. My friends also searched in internet for more interested people and, we had a wide spread. We gathered about 25 people who at the same time served as practices for a course of bioconstruction that was being carried out in Murcia.

General image of cows grazing in the middle of a meadow. In the background are some houses and a mountainous system

And so it all began:

In 2004, when we started Bioconstrucciones Ripoll, there was a great ignorance on this matter. 

However, in recent years more and more people are interested in this type of housing because of the great advantages that offer compared to conventional.

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