Would you like to have a house that is
100% healthy and environmentally friendly?

Now it is possible

  • If you are tired of renting a flat and you dream of having your own house.

  • If you endure less hastes, noise and traffic from cars every day.

  • If you escape to nature whenever you can to recharge energy.

  • If you want a healthy home for your well-being and that of your whole family.

An ecological house is the solution because it gives you the best quality of life


Hello! I'm David Ripoll, builder specialized in Bioconstruction and Bioclimatic Architecture.

I turned my vocation into my profession ago 15 years, creating the company Bioconstrucciones Ripoll.

My motivation has always been to make known that another way to build, more sustainable, natural and efficient is possible and, above all, necessary.

We're located in Yecla (Murcia) and we move throughout Spain, to realize your dream of having a healthy home and in harmony with the environment.

Here I tell you more about me and the company


Our essential pillars

Bioclimatic architecture

The sun, the vegetation, the water, the wind... are natural and available resources that we make the most of for decrease energy consumption of housing.

Therefore, the Bioclimatic Architecture consists of designing houses taking into account all the conditions offered by the environment in tune with it.

This translates into significant savings in energy and money.


We build in favor of life.

We take care of every detail of the process thoroughly. From the materials we use in construction through paints or wiring. It all adds up.

The result is a toxic-free house, totally safe and healthy for people who are going to live in it.

Natural, ecological and sustainable materials:

Stone mosaic belonging to a facade


Lacquered wood plate relief


Radial mosaic with clay bricks

Cooked clay

Straw of detail photography

Straw bales

Walls and doors that contain lime

Lime mortar

Rough dark brown texture detail

Cork oak tree

What is it like to live in a straw bale house?

Testimony Santiago Martínez:

"We trusted David and everything went well."

What we liked most about the service we received is that they were very attentive and professionals. They met the agreed deadlines without problem.

The economic inversion It fit our budget. Our house is made of straw bales and wood.

Detail arch next to window and octagon made of wood and glass
Room decorated with hippie elements we see that at the top the room has three horizontal windows and two vertical windows below

The main advantage of the house is the energy efficiency. 

We have managed to maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the year consuming the minimum energy.

In summer we do not use air conditioning, it is not necessary.

In winter we heat the house with a stove fed with almond husk and with the sunlight that enters the house naturally.

We design and build green houses

Tailored to your needs

You decide the size of the house and the materials you prefer.

Adapted to your budget

The price adapts to your priorities, according to what you need.

From beginning to end

We advise you, solve your doubts and take care of everything.

Do you want to take the step now?